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Why are private lawyers retrieving presidential documents?

(NewsNation) — The White House revealed over the weekend that five more pages of sensitive files from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president were found at his home in Delaware.

As comparisons between Biden’s case and former President Donald Trump’s case continue to play out in the media, former federal prosecutor David Weinstein — who is not affiliated with either of the investigations — explained why private attorneys are finding presidential documents.

Biden’s attorneys “weren’t looking for these documents to being with,” Weinstein said. “They were conducting an inventory of documents — before in the case of Biden’s office in Pennsylvania where they were removing them from there and then from his house to see what other documents were there. So, in their initial search, they didn’t expect to find any documents. Upon finding them, they stopped and that’s when (the lawyers) bring in people who have (security) clearance.”

Watch the full interview with David Weinstein in the video above.