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Stores fight as shoplifting on the rise

(NewsNation) — Organized shoplifting is on the rise this holiday season.

Every year, thousands of shoppers nationwide flock to their favorite store to snag the big blockbuster Black Friday deals. Yet surveillance videos show thieves try to snatch jewelry off a designer store shelf or smashing through glass displays. 

“One of the most disappointing things for shoppers is to feel threatened by simply going out and being in a location they perceive to be potentially dangerous,” said Captain Jason Daughrity of the California Highway Patrol.

A survey conducted by the national retail federation found a 26.5% increase in organized retail crime in 2021. 

Target claimed on an earnings call earlier this year it had lost $400 million in profits thanks to organized shoplifting. 

Amanda Dalton with the Northwest Grocery Association says household necessities that can be resold — like baby formula and laundry detergent — are most often targeted. 

“The types of products they are targeting are the products we need on the shelves the most,” Dalton said. 

Some stores are taking things into their own hands to protect their wares by keeping them locked away inside glass cases. Other stores like Apple, Walgreens and JC Penny are doubling down on surveillance systems and heightened security. 

Dalton says inevitably the losses will be felt by the everyday, honest shopper. 

“We’re always trying to keep grocery prices down but we operate on a 1-2 margin so it can’t help but become a shared community expense,” she said.