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Report: Immigrant Asylum Seekers Fleeing NYC Squalor for ‘Safer’ Canada

What’s happening: New York City mayor Eric Adams (D.) is giving immigrant asylum seekers free bus tickets to Canada, and many of them are more than happy to leave the filthy, crime-riddled, Democratic-run city behind in search of a better life. According to the New York Post, the city’s migrants are fleeing toward the Canadian border at a rate of hundreds per day.

What they’re saying:

• “I wanted to live in New York because I thought it would be a better future for my daughters,” said Susy Sanchez Solzarno, 33, from Peru. “But as the days went by, I saw insecurity, many homeless people, many people who shout and are disrespectful, and many people on drugs. … I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls.”

• “A lot of the Americans used drugs [in New York],” said Manuel Rodon, 26, from Venezuela. “I feel like Canada will be safer. It is a much quieter country than America.”

Why it matters: Democratic politicians insist it is racist to oppose their preferred solution to the immigration crisis, which is to do nothing. It is also racist, they insist, to suggest that their own states should help ease the burden on border states overwhelmed by the influx of migrants under President Joe Biden by taking in migrants and bearing the cost of feeding and housing them.

As it turns out, sending these migrants to squalid cities such as New York and San Francisco—where Democratic leaders have done their best to encourage criminal activity, homelessness, and open-air drug use—is one of the most effective ways to persuade them to leave the United States out of fear for their family’s safety.

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