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JRL NEWSWATCH: “Biden’s team fears the aftermath of a failed Ukrainian counteroffensive” – Politico


File Photo of Joe Biden at Podium in Front of U.S. and State Department Flags, adapted from image at

“… Ukraine’s ever-imminent counteroffensive will attempt to retake Russian-seized territory most likely in the east and south …. [I]f the impending fighting season yields limited gains, [Biden] administration officials have expressed privately [that] they fear being faced with a two-headed monster attacking it from the hawkish and dovish ends of the spectrum. … Both sides have traded punishing blows … with neither force able to fully dislodge the other. The Russian surge ordered up earlier this year … seized little territory at the cost of significant casualties and did not do much to change the overall trajectory of the conflict. The fighting has taken a toll on the Ukrainians as well. … U.S. officials have also briefed Ukraine on the dangers of overextending its ambitions and spreading its troops too thin ….”