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2022 Man of the Year: The B-21 Raider

In today’s woke day and age, if you’re hearing about America’s armed forces, there’s a good chance it’s for the wrong reasons.

Whether they’re ordering commanders to stop using gender pronouns, lowering standards for women in the special forces pipeline, or using critical race theory to train future officers, U.S. leaders have given Americans plenty of reasons to feel pessimistic about their country’s military might.

That’s why we at the Washington Free Beacon are happy to report that even in 2022, America is still capable of kicking communist ass. And the U.S. Air Force proved as much in early December, when it unveiled its newest bomber, the B-21.

Nicknamed the “Raider,” the B-21 is the first American bomber to be released since 1988, and a lot has changed since George Michael’s Faith topped the Billboard Hot 100. For one, the music we listen to got worse. But more importantly, now our bombers are completely “invisible” to enemy radar. It’s also nuclear capable and will eventually be upgraded to fit weapons that don’t even exist yet, putting evil bastards on high alert from Beijing to Moscow.

Don’t believe us? The Chinese Communist Party’s flagship propaganda rag, the Global Times, complained that it only had access to “frontal photos” of the plane mere days after the bomber was first displayed.

The Free Beacon has a long history of honoring the machinery that permanently stops terrorists from breathing. Unfortunately, the B-21 has not yet had the chance to do so. But we have faith that it will soon. And when those beautiful bombs do rain down on the many enemies of freedom that occupy this planet, they will be coming from a 2022 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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